Merchant ID Enter your Cybersource Merchant ID provided by Cybersource when your account was setup. Payment Services Integrate services including payment processing, recurring billing, payouts, reconciliation and more. 2 CyberSource generates a transaction reference number (reconciliation ID) and sends it and the authorization request to the payment processor. Combining innovation and security, our solutions enable fast and reliable payment acceptance, with an emphasis on keeping sensitive payment data safe and minimizing fraudulent transactions. Our global payment solutions provide the integrated tools you need to accept payments across channels and geographies.

If you plan to use the merchant reference code to reconcile, make sure it is a unique value when you include it in the request. The maximum and minimum length of the characters is 20 and 1. This number is the CyberSource-generated transaction reference number (reconciliation ID) or your own merchant reference code. The Merchant Reference number is a parameter through which merchant can pass either numeric or alphanumeric values to identify a transaction.

CyberSource Merchant ID Request ID Merchant Reference Number Date Applications Reason Code Reply Message Client Library Client Application Client Application Version Client User 9180076173 Mar 02 201S PM Credit Card Card Settleme Status Card Card Settleme Amount 90.00 uso 90.00 usD Settle Credlt New Order Re Re a Nam nt Num Related was Web/ Overriding the Merchant Reference Number As of Foxy v2.0, the “Merchant Reference Number” that Foxy passes to CyberSource (which is normally the Foxy transaction ID) can be overridden.

Cybersource Security Keys Merchant reference code Enter a generic word, less than 16 characters (latin characters only) that you would like to appear on your customer’s billing statement when they purchase from you. Use the jump links below to skip to what you’re looking for.

The customer chooses to pay by online bank card, and you send a request for authorization to CyberSource with the merchant reference code.

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