(in ancient Greek and Roman traditional stories) a goddess or spirit in the form of a young…. nymph meaning: 1. My mother was a Tree Nymph. Sentence with the word Wood Nymph. Origin of nymphetused in this sense by V. Nabokov in his novel Lolita (1955) a pubescent girl, esp. Use "nymph" in a sentence. water nymph in Chinese : 水精。…. The painting showed nymphs and shepherds playing in the woodland. Nymph; Beautiful Nymph of the Sea. He nodded Now, come here my nymph. click for more detailed Chinese translation, definition, pronunciation and example sentences. The claret dun n 57 sentence examples: 1. 0. 2. The marl provides excellent conditions for the mayfly nymphs to make a stable burrow in which they dwell for approximately 2 years.

She fled as if she were a startled nymph. 57 sentence examples: 1. Old Poet. 0. ... As a regular nymph fisherman I have a box of just nymph fisherman I have a box of just nymphs and boxes for dry flies. a young or small nymph 2. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. Achilles was a great Greek warrior and son of the sea nymph Thetis. In Greek and Roman mythology, nymphs were spirits of nature who appeared as young women. nymphs Sentence Examples. I used rather to like to fancy her a somewhat qui 0.

Nymph definition: In Greek and Roman mythology , nymphs were spirits of nature who appeared as young women. Both myself and the nymph did so. Nymph in a sentence. Learn more. 3. Traducir nymph de Inglés a español. A wood nymph, he repeated. A wood nymph who was changed into a fountain by Artemis.

2. Find words for nymph in Spanish in this Spanish-English dictionary. Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: According to Ovid, when Zeus first saw this nymph, he said, "Maiden, you are fit for [Zeus] himself to love, and will make someone divinely happy when you share his couch.". I thought she was a wood nymph but actually she was just having sex while wearing a brown dress and only appeared diminutive because I was watching the action from afar. Melanie would be a nymph crowned with daisies once again; he saw her as once she had seen herself. Example sentences for: nymph How can you use “nymph” in a sentence? The difference between the nymph or false pupa and the true pupa is that in the latter a whole stage is devoted to the perfecting of the wings and body-wall after the wings have become external organs; the stage is one in which no food is or can be taken, however prolonged may be its existence. 3. 1. Water nymph definition is - a nymph (such as a naiad, Nereid, or Oceanid) associated with a body of water. 2. 4. 0. Translate nymph into Spanish. nymphet definition: 1. There are three stages - larva, nymph and adult - each of which quite often feeds off a different host. ‘a wood nymph’ ‘Nijinsky's was about a mythological creature who encounters nymphs in a wood on a summer afternoon.’ ‘Zeus freed Odysseus from the nymph Calypso, who held him prisoner on her island, by sending Mercury with an order to Calypso herself.’

Damn it was crazy.

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